13th EWDA Conference


Wildlife health and conservation: expectations in a challenging era

 Conference will discuss all recent advancements of research in the fields of wildlife health and wildlife conservation, and will focus on the following themes of interest:

  1. Wildlife tuberculosis: epidemiology and control
  2. Evidence of direct infection between species at the human-free-ranging wildlife-livestock interface in Europe
  3. Vector Borne Diseases
  4. Infections between free-living and captive wildlife animals
  5. Emerging and re-emerging disease concerns in northern temperate and arctic wildlife populations
  6. Wildlife disease research in small-sized populations
  7. Health and conservation of neglected species (bats)
  8. Emerging viruses in eco-pathological impact
  9. Aquatic animals and ecosystems
  10. Genetics-Disease Association
  11. Wildlife and Public Health
  12. Open session *