Registration And Payment Guidelines


You can make a registration by making a purchase.

So, you click    or     

Then, the page of the product you are interested in shows up as follows:


Then, you click     to add the product to your cart. You can see the product you want to buy on the right side of the page.

If you want to buy another product, then click       

You can add each one of your purchases you want to the cart, by clicking                          every time.


For example, if you have chosen to register for the Conference as a EWDA Member and for the Post Conference Tour as well, then your cart should look like the photo below:

In case you want to remove one of the products you have already chosen, then you can click «Χ».

In case you want to add another product to the cart, then you can follow the STEP 2 procedure above.

You can have a full preview of you cart, by clicking


You can always add products, by clicking

At this stage (Inside the cart page), you can apply the coupon to get the discount for the workshop fees, if you are a student.

You need to insert the coupon code in the field above and click “apply coupon”.


If you want to finish registering, and want to proceed to payment, then you can click

at this page, or you can click    at the previous Step (the cart is on your right at the bar).

So, you are transferred at the CHECKOUT page for payment:


You can fill in (if not already there) your data at the “Billing Details” form.

In case you need an Invoice, it is necessary to fill in the field “Vat (id) registration number” as well as the “Company / Intitute name”.

Then, at the same page, you can choose the way of payment:

There are two available ways to pay for your registration:

  1. «PAYMENT BY CARD»: You need to fill in the name of the participant (please notice: not the name of the card holder)


After choosing the way of payment you then have to click: 

If you had chosen «REMITTANCE», you will receive an e-mail that informs you about our bank account details.

If you had chosen «PAYMENT BY CARD», then you will be transferred to the following screen:

You have to click

Then fill in the field

And the field

Field  «Full Name» is already filled in.

You can then click            to be transferred to the Bank’s secure platform.

You will use this form to fill in the data of the card to be used for payment.

Then you click     in order to make the payment.

Important Notice!!!

  • From the moment you click on the button (STEP 4), your registration is submitted on our conference database and it remains on a “on hold” status, whether you make the money deposit or not.
  • The registration status changes to “completed”, when our financial department informs us that the money have been received to our bank account (either by card or remittance)
  • You can always watch your orders and order’s status by clicking on “Registration/ orders”menu bar of our website, given that you have logged in when asked.