Chair of Organizing Committee Closing Speech

Dear Colleagues, dear friends

This is a very special moment for me, as I have to close this meeting and say goodbye to you.

It was my pleasure to host this Conference and it was a unique experience for me. All the difficulties and all the stress are already forgotten just looking at your faces.

We have tried to offer you the opportunity to enjoy a scientific program along with a variety of other activities which we wish have made your staying in Greece quite unforgettable.

We are deeply thankful to our keynote speakers, Ruth, Herve and Marilina, for making us the honor to accept our invitation.

Also, I would like to express my gratitude to Marie Pierre and all the exceptional members of the EWDA Board for giving me the opportunity to organize this event and for their kind cooperation so far.

Finally, I feel the need to thank all my colleagues and the members of the organizing committee for the work and support they have offered.

I also need to thank my research team for their contribution to the conference

  1. Konstantina Tsokana
  2. Maria Kantere
  3. Alexios Giannakopoulos
  4. Dimitris Chatzopoulos
  5. George Valiakos

I am very proud of my organizing team and the undergraduate students who have helped us out during all this full week.

So, a big thank to the students:

  1. Vasiliki Mylona
  2. Katerina Vlachou
  3. Garyfallenia Tsinopoulou
  4. Effie Michelakaki
  5. George Kotsadam
  6. Stephania Tambach

and the organizing team

  1. Yiannis Makantasis
  2. Petros Providas
  3. Thanasis Sofos
  4. Yiannis Chloptsios
  5. Panagiota Argyraki

I would kindly ask to give them a big applause!

So, once more thank you all for coming to Larissa and attending the Conference.

I hope we meet again in Spain in 2020.