(WS coordinators: K. Lemberger, G. Wibbelt, U. Hofle)

You are a pathologist, a pathology resident, a veterinary student or a professional dealing with wildlife diseases. You want to broaden your experience in histopathology or find out more about what goes on behind the lenses of a microscope: this workshop is for you!

This all day workshop will be held on Monday, August 27th, 2018 from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM and will include a keynote lecture (Keynote speaker to be announced)

All participants will receive a USB drive of the scanned histology slides and the case write up materials. Workshop registration includes materials, light lunch and refreshments. Registration is limited to 50 participants.

Call for case submissions:

We are soliciting case submissions for this workshop and invite all participants to contribute. We would like to have a series of 10 cases of interest from wildlife species. These cases can include “classic” lesions, novel findings and general “what the heck” conditions.

Submitting a case means you agree to send one or two H&E slides of the case and a detailed case description on letterhead for inclusion into the course materials. On the day of the workshop you will be asked to give a short presentation of the lesions (via digital slide browsing) and a brief background into the disease or diagnostic process (maximum 12min) .

Scanned slides will be available prior to the conference via dropbox, so participants may prepare ahead of time, attempt to find their own diagnosis and join in the raffle by answering a short quiz on the cases.

Please email Karin Lemberger (k.lemberger@vetdiagnostics.fr) with a brief description of the case by June 6th, 2018.Those applicants with chosen cases will be notified by email by the mid to end of June and receive further instructions for slide submission and case presentation.

IMPORTANT NOTE : Remember that you are welcome to attend the Workshop even if you have not submitted a case!